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World LUG is a small Australasia based Group of adult  fans of LEGO (a.k.a. a LEGO Users Group or LUG) that are primarily interested in MOC building.  A “MOC” (My Own Creation) is the name given to a model that has been designed and built with imagination and creativity provided by a fan. These types of models are distinguished from “Sets”made by the LEGO Group which are assembled and collected by children and adult fans.

World LUG core activities are helping;

  • Connect Australasia Adult Fans of LEGO (AAFOLs) with other  MOCs builders
  • Provide Adults with opportunities to present and discuss MOC building ideas
  • Discuss highly technical and creative use of LEGO elements
  • Co-ordinate displays of MOCs at exhibitions and events

The Group  was formed on new years day 2010 as private group for builders who wanted to focus on custom projects rather than set collecting.

Each year the WorldLUG  Academy members vote on  creations, builders and other LEGO related topics to produce a list of the years best custom models, master builders and most notable events.

For new members

World LUG is not an open group and has age restriction. The main criteria for becoming a full member is talent not the number of sets you own. If you are over 16 and build MOCs then you may want to  approach WORLDLUG to become a member. Generally you will need to have shown at least 3 large sized MOCs at an exhibition to become a provisional member.

If you would like to talk with someone regarding membership or volunteering please send a short detailed message to info@worldlug.com an we will get back to you shortly.

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